My career at Rozenburg Site.

Born in 1946, I started my studies in electrical engineering in 1958. Also studied electronics and pneumatic / hydrolic proces steering. My first employer was "EREM electrotechnici", in Rotterdam. After some years we moved to Zwijndrecht. From 1964 till 1966 I did my "tour of duty" serving in the Royal Navy.(electrical and radio / radar technician)

ICI period.

(1971) I started out at 01-01-1972 in the Works Engineering Department (ICI), and worked for about 14 years as a Electrical-Instrument Fitter in the "A" Shift.After some years, I was promoted to Technician.

(1985) In 1985, I was asked to quit the "A"Shift, and started in daytime.In that time the Works Engineering Planning Department (ICI) had to be developed.I took over the Telecom "Site" activities, also planning Electrical and Instrumental jobs.In that time, the Broadband Coax Site Network was built.The Telecom activities were piling up, and a Telecom Engineer made his entry.

(1991) Over the years, plans ware made and implemented for a new PABX, a (Radio)Trunkingsystem and a Fiber Backbone on Rozenburg Site (ICI).

Huntsman - ICI period

(1995) The "Telecom activities" were planned and implemented in WED section, under supervision from the Site E/I and "ICT" Engineer.As from 01-09-1998 there is a Site Telecom Manager (Huntsman - ICI). To date, I work under supervision from a young ICT Engineer collegue, and we are planning and implementing new Information and Communication Technologies, in the Business Services Department on Rozenburg Site.

(1998) The last 2 years we're transformed from Huntsman - ICI, to a stricktly Huntsman company.

Huntsman period

(2001) The last 2 years my colleague engineer is Rozenburg / European responsable, and the last to months we have welcomed a new ICT specialist.

(2003) We are implementing a new Fiber Backbone on Rozenburg Site, and again, planning to implement a new PABX.


Per 24-05-2011 ben ik met pensioen.











Andere hobby's en interesse's:

Huidige auto, Toyota Yaris



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